Book Review: Vengeful (Villains #2) by V.E. Schwab

Book: Vengeful
Series: Villains book 2
Author: V.E. Schwab
Genre: Adult fantasy/sci-fi

Eli Ever and Victor Vale were only medical students when their mutual discovery that near-death experiences can, under the right conditions, manifest extraordinary abilities. 

They were best friends, and rivals, and then enemies. They were dead, then alive, and then—Eli killed Victor, once and for all. 

Or so he thought—but Sydney Clarke felt otherwise, and used her own superpower to tip the scales. Now, a trio hides in the shadows, while another takes advantages of post-death life to take over the city of Merit. 

If there can be life after death—will there be calm after vengeance, or will chaos rule?

My Rating: 2 STARS

My Review:

I enjoyed Vicious a lot so I was shocked at how much I ended up disliking Vengeful.

Vengeful felt like a completely different story to Vicious.  Vicious centred on Eli and Victor and their interestingly twisted relationship with each other and I really wanted to read more about that but instead in Vengeful the story was not centred on them but on new characters.  I felt most of the story focused on these new characters and I didn’t feel connected to them so I didn’t care about most of the book.

I didn’t like Marcella’s character but as I was reading I thought that there must be more to this character for her to be built up in such a way, I thought she must link up to the original characters or storyline.  And although her character did cross paths with the others it wasn’t in the way I was expecting because there was really no ultimate reasoning behind why her character was built up.

I also felt that the characters were a shell of themselves.  Victor and Eli didn’t feel like the quirky characters they did in Vicious and Sydney seemed like a different character all together, becoming much more dependant and in need of reassurance.

Overall I wish I had have known some of these things before reading Vengeful.  I was very disappointed in this book and I felt like it didn’t keep the same interesting quirky feeling as the first book had.

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