House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City #1) by Sarah J Maas *SPOILER* Talk




So I just finished House of Earth and Blood and I decided to immediately put some of my thoughts down onto something (like this post) because I loved it.   I didn’t want to call this post a review because I don’t think it will make much sense since I plan to just talk about all my feelings on this book. These are all just my own personal opinions on this book. This whole post will have House of Earth and Blood spoilers in it so be warned.

So first off I loved this book and now I totally understand why people say not to read the blurb before reading as it spoils Danika’s death. I thought this would’ve happened straight away when I read the blurb but we ended up getting to know Danika and her pack and her deep friendship with Bryce before they die and I thought it would’ve been such a shock if I hadn’t found that out but because I knew it was coming I tried not to get emotionally invested in them but I did anyway.

Let’s just talk about Bryce for a second, I loved her and I felt so pissed off at the other characters for the way the treated her. She was in such a spiral of grief and depression and still every character she came across just called her a ‘slut’ and it made me so angry because she did nothing wrong and people still judged and looked down on her.

The world in this book is so interesting and I liked how it was explained with different paranormals being in different factions within this city and how the Archangels are the rulers of them but the Asteri (who are ultimate beings with a lot of power) are even higher than the Archangels and everyone fears them. We only see the Asteri at the end really and I’m excited to see how they come into play in the next books. I also liked the background and history of the rebellion, all of the history really made the world feel fully formed.

Hunt is an interesting character and his background with the rebellion really made him intriguing. I also liked how he and Isaiah were first at the scene with Bryce and the demon in this beginning. I loved reading about Bryce and Hunt taking on the case of these murders together and I loved how they got closer to each other and weren’t afraid to be vulnerable with each other. I didn’t know if I liked him as a love interest or not simply because they came across as such great friends who have helped each other through a lot of darkness that I thought their relationship would’ve still been amazing if they were two friends who relied on each other. Obviously they flirted a lot and wanted to have sex with each other but considering (*spoilers for Sarah J Maas’ Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses series ahead*) Sarah J Maas’ history of the protagonist not ending up with the first person she hooks up with I thought maybe Hunt is not the love interest Bryce will end up with.

The plot twists in this book really had me shook, the last two hundred pages of this book were so full of plot twists. The scene with Hunt trying to purchase the synth was so shocking that I had to read over it again. I was like: WHAT, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! In that moment and the scene that followed I hated Hunt. He knew everything about Danika and her death and he never told Bryce even though he knew that Danika was everything to her.

Everything wasn’t what Hunt thought it was because Micah was playing them all for fools but this was before that plot twist came around so Hunt thought all these things about Danika were true and he still didn’t tell Bryce. I know Bryce had her secrets with her real father and the ending with her power but those things weren’t related to Hunt at all and she keep them secret to be safe whereas after the Hunt unveiling part I didn’t trust anything he had said to Bryce before.

I understood why he did it, it’s not right that some of the castes are treated with so much disrespect and it’s completely wrong for the Archangels to have them as slaves. I agreed with Hunt’s motivation but I hated how he had to manipulate Bryce who had previously wanted to commit suicide because of how low she felt and who was the only one who deeply cared about him. So after that plot twist I wanted Bryce and Hunt to not be endgame, I wanted Bryce to help Hunt be free but to not be in a relationship after he kept what he kept from her but the ending of this book makes me feel that they are endgame. I did begin to like him more again near the end but I still don’t think I want him and Bryce to be together. Maybe I’m being too harsh on him and I might end up changing my mind about him in the next book.

The Micah plot twist was so shocking as well, I really thought he was a good character because it seemed like he wanted to help Hunt and I felt like he was protecting Hunt when Sandriel came but instead he was the one who set everything up. The last two hundred pages of this book felt so action packed, so many things were happening. When Bryce was with Micah and it was being broadcast to the Summit everything felt so tense. It went on for so long and they were all just watching, I felt like screaming at the book: WOULD YOU HURRY UP AND GET TO HER!

I loved Bryce and Ruhn’s relationship and how they cared more about each other than about their own powers. I was so heart broken by Lehabah’s sacrifice, the way the scene was written was so beautiful but heart wrenching. I thought to myself what could be more heart wrenching than that and then we get to Bryce’s Drop.

My absolute favourite thing about this book is the friendship between Bryce and Danika and having Danika appear at her Drop and being her anchor (even though she wasn’t technically her anchor) after they promised that in the beginning of the book. The scene where Danika talks Bryce into fighting for her life and Bryce talking about not wanting to go on without her left me feeling so devastated for her. I loved how the main love of House of Earth and Blood was the love between Bryce and Danika, I loved that that was the centre of this book. I felt such a stronger emotion for Bryce in her final moments with Danika than I did for her with Hunt who was dying just before she did her Drop.

This has to be the longest post I’ve ever written, haha, and I really don’t know what the purpose of this post is other than just talking about my feelings on this book. As of writing this I don’t know how many books are going to be in this series but I hope it’s a lot since there are so many intriguing characters I want to find out more about like Fury and Juniper and Tharion and Aidas and I also really want to read more about Bryce.


Have you read House of Earth and Blood (I’m hoping you have since this post just spoils everything, haha)? What are your thoughts on it? Do you agree or disagree with any of my thoughts? Comment below, I’d love to know!


Through love, all is possible.

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