Easter Readathon TBR 2020

I participated in the Easter Readathon last year and really enjoyed it so I was very excited when I heard it was happening again this year. It starts on Friday 10th April and runs to Monday 13th April and is created/hosted by Kate from ReadingThroughInfinity, you can check out more of the details about the readathon here. The readathon starts tomorrow so this TBR is going up a little last minute but I’m still very much excited for it.



The Golden Sheep vol 2 by Kaori Ozaki



Druid Vices and a Vodka (The Guild Codex: Spellbound #6) by Annette Marie



A Throne of Swans by Elizabeth and Katherine Corr


The reading challenges for this readathon are:

1) Read a book that gives you spring vibes
2) Read a book about new beginnings
3) Read a book that’s under 250 pages
4) Read a book with yellow or green on the cover
5) Read a book involving family/friends

You don’t have to do the reading challenges but I decided to do them because I noticed that The Golden Sheep vol 2 fits nearly all the challenges. This manga is under 250 pages and has yellow and green on the cover. Even though I’m onto the second volume, the first volume was about the main character moving back to her old hometown (like a new beginning) and reuniting with old friends after a lot of years. The only challenge I’m not sure about is spring vibes because I don’t know if the second volume takes place in spring but the colours on the cover have kind of spring vibes so I’m counting it anyway, haha. So yes I somehow managed to fit all the challenges around the one manga volume I know I’ll definitely read.  I’ll be updating my progress on the readathon on my Twitter (KylasLibrary) so be sure to follow me there.

Are you participating in the Easter Readathon?

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