My October 2020 TBR

october 2020 tbr pic 01

I don’t normally do monthly tbrs but I always do a tbr for October because I like to show some of the spooky books I plan on reading and these are the ones I’d like to read this year. There are some books on this list that are not actually ‘scary’ but I do think they all sound like they’d be good to read this month.

october 2020 tbr pic 1
Beetle & the Hollowbones by Aliza Layne

I recently saw this graphic novel going around and it looked like the perfect read for October so I’m very excited to get to it.

Damned Souls and a Sangria (The Guild Codex: Spelbound #8) by Annette Marie

This is the last book in the Guild Codex: Spellbound series and I’m going to be sad that it’s over. This series has been so fun to read and I’m glad I still have the spin offs.

Night Scourge (Daybreaker #2) by Pippa DaCosta

It took me a while to warm up to the first book in this series but I did enjoy it by the end of it but I’m hoping I’ll get quicker into the story of the second book and enjoy it more than the first book.

october 2020 tbr pic 2
Hold Back the Tide by Melinda Salisbury

I love Melinda Salisbury’s Sorrow duology so I’ve been excited for this book since it was announced and I was going to read it when it first came out but I seen some reviews saying how creepy and scary it was so I decided to keep it for this month.

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

This is described as having gothic ghostly vibes, I don’t know if there are ghosts in it or maybe it’s just the atmosphere but either way it does sound like a good read for this month.

The Wonkiest Witch by Jeannie Wycherley

I didn’t know there was an actual genre called cosy mystery until fairly recently and as soon as I did I knew I wanted to read a book in that genre for October. I don’t know much about this book but it does sound like the perfect read for October.

Do you read spooky themed books in October?

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