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Book Review: Venandi by K.C. Luck

venandiBook: Venandi
Author: K.C. Luck
Genre: Adult paranormal romance

A Vampire Story.

The dark and mysterious Saxon Montague is Hollywood’s most sought after movie director. Savvy and brilliant, she is a rising talent—and secretly a two-hundred-year-old vampire. When circumstances force her to fulfill her studio contract and make one more film, she is not happy with the script. In fact, a vampire thriller is the last thing she wants to direct.

At thirty-eight, Faye Stapleton knows her movie career is at a crossroads. Quickly becoming too old to be America’s rom-com sweetheart, she yearns to play a serious role. When the opportunity to star in the next Saxon Montague movie comes, she jumps at it.

When the two women meet, their chemistry is electric. Tensions mount as each woman struggles to control their mutual desires. When their passions and secrets collide, both quickly realize not everything is as it appears and that following their hearts could lead them into disaster.

My Rating: 4 STARS

My Review:

Venandi is a short (under 200 pages) paranormal romance and is about Saxon, a famous film director who is also a two hundred year old vampire. She is contracted to direct a film and ends up feeling a growing attraction to Faye, the female main lead who is a human.

The attraction between Saxon and Faye is quite instantaneous which you can expect from a short story but I would’ve liked to have seen more scenes between the two characters before going right into the romance. I did like the romance and loved them together, they definitely had chemistry. I feel that Saxons character was more fleshed out as we see her back story, I felt more of an understanding and connection to her character and personality than with Faye.

I loved the back story of Saxon and how she came to be a vampire and thought the writing was captivating to read.

Overall I did really enjoy Venandi and I liked the romance between Saxon and Faye. I felt like we didn’t get much information about Faye but I did really like the back story of Saxon and how she came to be a vampire and I liked the writing of the book.

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