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March Wrap Up 2021

What I Read In March:

reclaimed guard your heart thitcs
Reclaimed (Shadow Beast Shifters #2) by Jaymin Eve – 5 STARS

I loved Reclaimed, I loved the chemistry and banter between Shadow and Mera and I loved that this book focused on the shadow realm instead of on Mera’s pack. I really enjoyed reading about Mera in this book and loved how open her personality is, I can’t wait for the next book.

Guard Your Heart by Sue Divin – 3 STARS – {I was sent a proof copy of this book by the publisher}

Guard Your Heart is set in modern day Northern Ireland and is a YA contemporary that focuses on the political history of Northern Ireland and shows the effects of it on two teenagers from opposite sides who start up a friendship with each other. I liked the first half of Guard Your Heart but I felt the second half was a bit rushed and had some drama that wasn’t really needed in the story.

The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune – 5 STARS

The House in the Cerulean Sea was just as wonderful as all the hype said it was. I loved this book, I loved how it gradually built up this beautiful story that not only had interesting characters but also amazing themes and messages to it. I loved the writing and think it’s a great story for all ages.

the lost book of the white qocaw
The Lost Book of the White (The Eldest Curses #2) by Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu – 3 STARS

I’ve been a bit disappointed with this series so far. I love the overall Shadowhunter world and I love Magnus and Alec but this book and the first book in the series felt boring to me. They don’t really feel like a full story, more like short stories and they don’t feel that important to the overall Shadowhunter chronicles. Saying that, I still love the characters and their interactions so that’s why I’ve given it a 3 star.

Queen of Coin and Whispers by Helen Corcoran – 2 STARS

I was intrigued by this book in the beginning but I gradually grew a bit bored of it and felt like nothing really happened in it. I don’t think this is a bad book, I just didn’t connect with it.

Blog Posts I Did In March:

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My March Bookstagram Pictures (KylasLibrary):

march wrap up 2021 insta pic

What books did you read in March? Have you read any of the books I mentioned?

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