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Top Ten Tuesday – Characters I’d Name a Pet After

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is: Characters I’d Name a Pet After. The character names I picked for this list and all interesting characters and I feel they all have names that I think would suit a pet.

ttt-characters id name my pet after pic1

Bones (Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost)
Zylas (The Guild Codex: Demonized series by Annette Marie)
Magnus (Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare)

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Callypso (The Bargainer series by Laura Thalassa)
Xhex (Black Dagger Brotherhood – Lover Mine by J.R. Ward)
Manon (Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas)

What characters would you name a pet after?

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Book Review: The Weight of the Stars by K. Ancrum

twosBook: The Weight of the Stars
Author: K. Ancrum
Genre: YA Sci-fi, contemporary

Ryann Bird dreams of traveling across the stars. But a career in space isn’t an option for a girl who lives in a trailer park on the “wrong” side of town. So Ryann becomes her circumstances and settles for acting out and skipping school to hang out with her delinquent friends.

One day she meets Alexandria: a furious loner who spurns Ryann’s offer of friendship. After a horrific accident leaves Alexandria with a broken arm, the girls are brought together despite themselves—and Ryann learns her secret: Alexandria’s mother is an astronaut who volunteered for a one-way trip to the edge of the solar system.

Every night without fail, Alexandria waits to catch radio signals from her mother. And now it’s up to Ryann to lift her onto the roof day after day until the silence between them grows into friendship, and eventually something more.

My Rating: 5 STARS

My Review:

The Weight of the Stars is about Ryann who tries to befriend the new girl at school, they don’t get off to the best of starts so Ryann ends up trying to help Alex receive transmissions from her mother in space and the two of them start to grow closer as they find out more about what happened to Alex’s mother. The premise of the Weight of the Stars is so interesting and I loved the over arcing plot of the space mission that Alex’s mother went on and how Alex is trying to receive transmissions from her, I was very intrigued by what was happening.

Ryann Bird is now one of my favourite characters of all time. I loved reading about her and her personality really stood out to me. She is the leader of her group and she comes across as this tough character but from the beginning we see how good and kind she is especially as she takes the kids who are outcasts in school under her wing. I loved that we got to see that part of her straight away.

The group of friends in The Weight of the Stars felt like such a real bunch of characters and I loved reading about them, they all felt individual. I was a bit wary of them in the beginning because when Alex moves to the school they came off as bullies as they tried to get her to be a part of their group but that’s only for a short amount of time before you see what they’re actually trying to do instead. I liked James and Ryann’s sibling relationship and how they looked after James’ child together. I really liked the development of Ryann and Alex’s relationship. I loved how they started out disliking each other and slowly start to become friends and eventually realising they have feelings for each other.

I really liked the writing and how each chapter was titled by how much time had passed between that and the last chapter. I loved the ending of The Weight of the Stars and I thought it really suited the book.

Overall I loved this book and I loved reading about Ryann Bird and her group of friends. I really liked seeing Ryann and Alex’s relationship deepen as the book went on. I also loved the plot and thought it was much more emotional than I expected it to be. The Weight of the Stars was a fantastic read.


Books I Want To Read Before the End of 2020

There are so many books I want to read and I keep adding new books to the list every day but today I thought I’d list some of the books I definitely want to read before the end of 2020. I’ve listed quite a lot so I don’t know if I’ll actually get to them all but I hope I do.

books i want to read by end of 2020 pic 1
The Library of the Unwritten (Hell’s Library #1) by A.J. Hackwith
Raybearer (Raybearer #1) by Jordan Ifueko
Emerald Blaze (Hidden Legacy #5) by Ilona Andrews
I Hear the Sunspot: Limit 1 by Yuki Fumino

books i want to read by end of 2020 pic 2

Trial of Lightning (The Sixth World #1) by Rebecca Roanhorse
From Blood and Ash (Blood and Ash #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout
A Snowfall of Silver by Laura Wood
The Jackal (Black Dagger Brotherhood: Prison Camp #1) by J.R. Ward

What books do you want to read before the end of 2020?

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Top Ten Tuesday – My Favourite Book Titles of 2020

ttt-fave book titles 2020 pic

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is: Book Titles that Would Make Great Song Titles. I’ve already did a post similar to this topic earlier this year, which you can find here. Instead I’m going to list some of my favourite book titles that I’ve read in 2020, some of these were not published in 2020 but I’m still listing them because I read them this year.

ttt-fave book titles 2020 pic 1
The Weight of the Stars by K. Ancrum
Cinderella Is Dead by Kalynn Bayron
Three Mages and a Margarita (as well as the other book titles in The Guild Codex series) by Annette Marie

ttt-fave book titles 2020 pic 2
Dangerous Remedy by Kat Dunn
The Light Between Worlds by Laura E. Weymouth
Where Winter Finds You (Black Dagger Brotherhood #17.5) by J.R. Ward

What has been some of your favourite titles of books you’ve read this year?

wrap up

October Wrap Up 2020

What I Read In October:

oct wrap up 1

Damned Souls and a Sangria (The Guild Codex: Spellbound #8) by Annette Marie – 4 STARS

This is the last book in the Guild Codex: Spellbound series and I’m sad that I won’t be reading more about Tori but I’m happy that there are still new series set in this world. I enjoyed this book and I really love reading about these characters and their adventures, it’s a great urban fantasy series.

Night Scourge (Daybreaker #2) by Pippa DaCosta – 3 STARS

I thought this book was an okay read, just like the first one. I don’t think I connect much to the story so it kind of feels underwhelming to me. I think the premise of the series is so interesting and the characters are intriguing but I still don’t really understand the world of it and I feel like the main character talks a lot about the dangers of outside but we are not really shown it often.

Where Winter Finds You (Black Dagger Brotherhood #17.5) by J.R. Ward – 3 STARS

Where Winter Finds You is the follow up to Trez’s book The Shadows (BDB #13) and I loved The Shadows, it’s one of my favourite BDB books, so to see Trez’ story completely redone wasn’t great to read. I still like the writing and world of it which made me give it 3 stars but I might lower it in future after thinking on it. I know a lot of fans disliked the end of The Shadows and wanted a better ending for Trez so reading this book I felt it seemed obvious that it was only done to appease fans and not what the author originally intended to happen. I also didn’t feel that much chemistry between Trez and Therese.

oct wrap up 2
The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield – 4 STARS

I really enjoyed the writing of this book and thought it was very quotable. It’s a kind of gothic tale about a reclusive author and the house she grew up in and as the book goes on you find out more and more about the fictional author’s life. I read this book so quickly because I was very intrigued by the mystery of Angelfield House and Vida Winter.

Hold Back the Tide by Melinda Salisbury – 2 STARS

I didn’t enjoy this book and I didn’t really like the main character and thought a lot of the plot was predictable. I thought the premise sounded so good but from the very start you can easily tell that the premise is not what it seems. The horror aspects were interesting and so was the ending but most of the story and characters were boring.

oct wrap up 3
Wolf’s Bane (Otherworld: Kate and Logan #1) by Kelley Armstrong – 4 STARS
Wolf’s Curse (Otherworld: Kate and Logan #2) by Kelley Armstrong – 4 STARS

Wolf’s Bane and Wolf’s Curse are a YA paranormal duology set in the world of Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series. It’s been a long time since I read the Otherworld series so I didn’t know how I’d feel about these books but I really enjoyed them. I loved how fast paced the storyline was and I also loved the interactions between the characters, I didn’t realise until reading this just how much I missed the world of this series. Characters from the Otherworld series and The Darkest Powers series make appearances in these books as well which was fun to read about.

oct wrap up 4
Mating the Huntress (Monsters and Mates #1) by Talia Hibbert – 3 STARS

I hadn’t heard of this until recently but it’s a short paranormal romance novella set during Halloween so I thought it’d be great to read in October. Even though it was short and nothing much happens I still did enjoy the story and I liked the writing.

Beetle & the Hollowbones by Aliza Layne – 5 STARS

I loved this graphic novel, it was so cute. I loved the artwork and the story and I really enjoyed the humour of the characters. I really liked the storyline and I liked that it felt like a full story, I’d really recommend this graphic novel.

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What books did you read in October?

book tag

Halloweentown Book Tag

Halloweentown is such a great movie and I love watching it every year in October. So when I saw this tag I knew I had to do it, the questions are so fun. The original creator is Bookish Coffee Blog.

Gif from Giphy


Halloween gives kids ideas about there being magic

1) Name a book that is full of magicBurn for Me (Hidden Legacy #1) by Ilona Andrews – The magic in this book is interesting as it’s passed down through generations and each magic user is a different rank.


Halloween is cool!

2) Name one book from your October TbrBeetle & the Hollowbones by Aliza Layne


Nobody really appreciates my taste in weird stuff

3) Name a favourite underrated bookThe Exact Opposite of Okay by Laura Steven – I loved this book and I feel like I haven’t heard many people talk about it.


The Cromwells are powerful witches, and it took the power of all of them to defeat the evil

4) Name a powerful fictional familyHouse von Hasenberg from The Consortium Rebellion trilogy by Jessie Mihalik – This series centres around the different siblings of House von Hasenberg, which is a powerful political House and each sibling had their own unique skill.


Halloweentown was written about in a book, so maybe it’s real, maybe it’s not

5) Name a favourite non-fiction or historical fiction bookThe Air You Breathe by Frances de Pontes Peebles – This is such a beautifully written historical fiction book.


Mayor Kalabar wants revenge

6) Name a book that you thought you would enjoy but ended up notSignal to Noise by Silvia Moreno-Garcia – I really thought I’d love this book since it has a lot of the things I like in it (friendship, characters reflecting on the past, past/present timeline) but I really disliked the main character and thought she was very selfish.


Instant Witch’s Brew: Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t

7) Name your favourite or least favourite book under 200 pagesThis Is How You Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone – This is one of my favourite books and even though it’s technically over 200 pages (I think it’s around 210) I’m still counting it for this question.


Time works differently in Halloweentown

8) Name a book that was so good it made time stopHouse of Earth and Blood by Sarah J Maas – I felt like I flew through this book, I was so enamoured by this story.


Mortals see mortals do

9) Name a book featuring non-human characters interacting with human charactersThree Mages and a Margarita (The Guild Codex: Spellbound #1) by Annette Marie – This book is about Tori, a human, who ends up being a bartender at a magical guild.


Luke helps save the day

10) Name a character who you thought was bad but ended up having redeeming qualitiesMurhder from The Savior (Black Dagger Brotherhood #17) by J.R. Ward – Murhder’s character had been talked about and speculated about in this series for a long time before his book and he’s been described as an unhinged character but he wasn’t nearly as unhinged as he was made out to be.


An evil force is at work in Halloweentown. We have to put Merlin’s Talisman in the giant pumpkin to save everybody

11) Name a favourite fictional villain and heroRenegades by Marissa Meyer – I read this trilogy this year and loved it and I thought it was such a great spin on superheroes and I loved the dynamics between the villains and heroes in this book which is why I picked it for this question.


Halloweentown is saved!

12) Name a book with a really satisfying endingThe Toll (Arc of a Scythe #3) by Neal Shusterman – I loved reading this book and seeing how the author wove this world together, I was so interested in every little detail in this last book.



Have you watched Halloweentown? Have you read any of these books?