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Book Review: Compelled (Shadow Beast Shifters #5) by Jaymin Eve

compelledBook: Compelled
Series: Shadow Beast Shifters #5
Author: Jaymin Eve
Age & Genre: Adult paranormal romance, fantasy

Simone, of the Torma shifters, thought she was finished with the world of supernaturals that existed outside of Earth. She’d been there, done that, and had the near death experience to show for her time.

Then a summons back to Valdor-the vampire world- is dropped in her lap.
Turns out that the last time she was there, her teeny tiny mistake sent out an energy burst that called to an ancient powerful master. A master who is looking for a mate and wants Simone to participate in the Selection to prove her worth. Attendance non-negotiable.


Lucky for her, she still has one ally up her sleeve: Lucien.

Okay, yeah, he’s a snarly, powerful, frustratingly perfect master himself, but at least she knows where she stands. Lucien agrees to enter himself as a master-looking-for-a-mate in the Selection so they can pretend to fall for each other.

Only, it’s never been that simple with Simone and Lucien, and all too soon the lines between pretend and real get very blurry. Especially when there’s feeding involved.

Simone now has more at stake than just her life… her heart is on the line.

My Rating: 3.5 STARS

My Review:

In Compelled we get to read more about the vampires and their world and how that world is run which really intrigued me. I enjoyed getting to know more about Lucien and his role in Valdor and seeing how Simone was drawn into that world. The conflict of Simone’s past in Valdor was interesting and I was intrigued by how that related to the present and the reasons she was called back.

I liked Lucien and Simone together, I thought their chemistry was believable and they made a good couple. I liked how they worked together during the selection. I also liked seeing how the characters all had each other’s backs and I liked how Len interacted with Simone.

I would’ve liked this book more if not for the focus on Mera and Shadow. I knew they would be in it a lot like they were in Deserted but it felt like they took centre stage again in this book instead of Simone and Lucien. I also didn’t get why Mera and Angel synched up.

Overall I enjoyed this book, I really liked finding out more about the vampires and their politics. Like with Deserted I would’ve liked to have less focus on Mera and Shadow and their baby but I still am excited to read more in this series.

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