Book Review: This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

Book: This Savage Song
Series: Monsters of Verity book 1
Author: Victoria Schwab
Genres: YA, Fantasy/Paranormal

Kate Harker and August Flynn’s families rule opposite ends of Verity, a grisly metropolis where violent acts summon real monsters: bloodsucking Malchai; clawing Corsai; and soul-stealing Sunai. The truce that keeps the families at peace is crumbling, and August is sent to spy on Kate. But when Harker’s men try to kill her and pin it on the Flynns, August and Kate find themselves running from both sides, in a city where monsters are real… – Quoted from Goodreads

My Rating: 3/5 STARS

My Review:
I loved the world of this book and thought it was interesting.  It’s a world where violence breeds monsters and they actually manifest at the crime scenes.  The city of Verity felt vivid in my mind, I could really picture how dark and deadly the streets were.  And I liked how the two sides of the city were shown.  When I think about this book the thing that immediately comes to mind is the world.

I disliked the main female character and I’m glad This Savage Song had a dual perspective so I could take a break from her pov.  She wasn’t the worst character I’ve ever read but from the very start of the book I thought her actions were childish and selfish.  I wasn’t overly fond of the main male character either but I thought the family dynamic in his pov made it fun to read.  I liked reading about his different family members and their relationships with each other.

I felt the main plot was a bit boring, especially compared to the exciting world the author created.  I definitely think more could have been done so that the storyline wouldn’t feel as generic as it did.  That was what I was most disappointed in, the lost potential of it.  I would’ve liked to have seen more of the history between the rulers of the North and South side of Verity.

Overall the main thing I liked about this book was the world that was created but unfortunately the characters and plot didn’t live up to it but I am interested in reading the next one when it comes out.  

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