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Book Review: Shades of Allegiance (Anomaly #3) by Sandy Williams

soaBook: Shades of Allegiance
Series: Anomaly #3
Author: Sandy Williams
Genre: Adult sci-fi, romance, space opera

Lieutenant Ramie Ashdyn takes a leave of absence from the Fighting Corps to return to the hellhole that is her home world. With vengeance in mind, she searches for a dangerous criminal who could help her unravel the conspiracy that’s threatening the Coalition. But old enemies sabotage her efforts and jeopardize the lives of the few people she trusts. She will need to be cunning and ruthless to accomplish her mission, and that means scrapping her conscience and burying emotions her adversaries could exploit.

Being cold and heartless would be easier if the Coalition hadn’t sent “Rest in Peace” Rykus to retrieve her. Ash is their only way of detecting the telepaths who have infiltrated the government. Rykus must keep her safe until they can escape the planet, but with secrets between them and Ash determined to contact the Known Universe’s most feared crime lord, staying alive and together might be an insurmountable feat.

My Rating: 4 STARS

My Review:

I’ve been looking forward to this book for a long while, ever since the second book was released in 2016. In Shades of Allegiance we see more of Ash’s background and there were some interesting twists that I didn’t expect in her past which made me very intrigued. The book starts off with Ash on Glory and is filled with action from the very beginning. I did feel like there was a lot of action packed scenes in this book and less downtime for the characters. It felt like Ash was constantly fighting both mentally and physically which made her seem drained throughout the book and not her usual witty self which I missed.

I did love Ash and Rykas’ relationship and how it developed more in this book. I loved how they were both on the same page with their romance in this book and how they each wanted to fight to protect the other. I really like how far their relationship has come since the first book and I loved seeing them be together in this book.

I liked the storyline and how we find out more about telepathy and who’s behind everything but I did think there were a lot of new characters introduced in this last book and it made it difficult to care for their role in the plot. And because there were so many new characters I felt that not every story and plotline was wrapped up.

Overall I liked this book but I did think there was too much action and not enough moments between the characters. I thought the storyline was intriguing throughout and what I loved most about this book and the trilogy overall was Ash and Rykas’ relationship, I loved reading about them.

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